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A boutique law firm in Los Angeles

Good Gustafson Aumais LLP

Born and Bred in Los Angeles

Good Gustafson Aumais services a wide array of clients throughout the Los Angeles’ business community. Los Angeles sets itself apart as a world leader and innovator in almost every business sector. Our wide range of expertise provides support for our clients in all areas of their business and private life in this vibrant, business climate.

Our clients are diversified and dynamic and we reflect that in our belief in challenging the conventional ways of working. We solve problems quickly and efficiently. For our international clients, we provide a trusted, local presence in the Los Angeles marketplace. From market integration to using our resources and connections to facilitate their business operations, GoodGustafson provides a much-desired foothold for these clients.

Good Gustafson Aumais is be nimble and responsive to our clients’ needs. We vigorously protect our clients’ interests, recognizing the significant nexus between business affairs and personal affairs. GoodGustafson utilizes a network of highly specialized attorneys to augment the necessary services that our clients demand.

The future is agile. The future is on demand. Good Gustafson Aumais is strategically positioned to be responsive to our clients’ ever-changing requirements and accomplishes this as trusted advisors providing the highest quality legal services.

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